2017 Particpant Company Profiles

Participant TeamFunding, Incubator, and Accelerator Partners

Adappt Intelligence
Somerville, MA
Tech Category: Energy Efficiency
The way people work has changed. Spaces, and the way we manage spaces, must change with it. Real estate is the second-largest expense for an organization, yet most organizations lack the data and tools to properly plan and make the best use of this significant investment. Whether a tenant is investing in a new workspace, improving an existing one, growing or downsizing, Adappt senses, analyzes, and manages spaces to optimize the real estate and carbon footprint of these expensive assets.

New York, NY
Tech Category: Agriculture, Water, and Waste
AdvanceH20 develops transformative monitoring and analyses technologies for water treatment applications (from the smallest individual septic to the largest municipal scale treatment plants). While there are much needed emergent/disruptive solutions being developed for water treatment, the critical challenge has been the inability to properly measure the effectiveness of these solutions. AdvanceH20 bridges this gap by ascertaining the reliability and predictability of these solutions.

Allied Microbiota
New York, NY
Tech Category: Agriculture, Water, and Waste
Allied Microbiota is a environmental biotechnology firm in the remediation industry spun-off from Columbia Technology Ventures. Our first patented microbial product 'PacBac' can destroy toxic organic waste in soil, sediments and groundwater.
There are thousands of sites in US contaminated with contaminants of concern(500B+ market). Our turnkey solution is 50%  cheaper, quick and green. We are preparing to do a pilot at commercial scale with a leading engineering firm this summer.
Applied Biorefinery Sciences
Syracuse, NY
Tech Category: Chemicals & Advanced Materials
Applied Biorefinery Sciences (ABS) focuses on areas of energy innovation not easily addressed by electrification, including heat production and transportation. ABS patented biorefinery technology extracts, separates, & recovers fermentable sugars and other valuable industrial chemicals and materials from non-food biomass, such as under-utilized timber & agriculture residuals. The ABS team consists of experienced scientists & project managers, named to the Top 300 People in the Global Bioeconomy.
Somerville, MA
Tech Category: Agriculture, Water, and Waste
AquaFresco is reinventing the $50B cleaning market starting with laundry using a proprietary technology developed at MIT. AquaFresco offers the water recycle system that will save detergent and water by 95% and 3X more saving than existing technologies. It is the first system that can be scaled down to fit households. The water quality, waste, and detergent level will be closely monitored, providing the first online water data, creating a great impact on global water sustainability.

Arrecife Energy Systems
Boston, MA (Originally from Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain)
Tech Category: Energy Generation
We have developed a new wave energy converter formed by turbines with a high torque and a low speed that harnesses the energy of waves simulating the natural behavior of a coral reef  and has been successfully tested and Patented.
Our potential customers are: Energy Production companies, offshore windfarms owners, oil&gas rigs and isolated areas with energy needs.
The main advantages of Arrecife's turbine are:
Simple design,  transportable and submersible.
Blue Institute at Cape Cod, Inc.
South Yarmouth, MA 
Tech Category: Agriculture, Water, and Waste
The Blue Institute at Cape Cod is truly unique in a global, national, and local context. Designed to bring academic, government, and private sector scientists together along with students and other practitioners, the Blue Institute would represent the world’s first collaborative and innovative host water education, innovation, and research facility in a region renowned for its environmental legacy.
Philadelphia, PA
Tech Category: Transportation
BrightCharge removes barriers to EV charger installation for commercial property owners and municipalities. We eliminate the high upfront costs, construction delay/disruption, long term electric bill impacts, and technology risk inherent to current products. We lease transportable off-grid solar hybrid charging stations for very low rates, selling digital advertising on the units to generate revenue.  By presenting several avenues for an ROI, we turn a costly problem into a profitable solution.
Datasphere Corporation d/b/a CarpoolWorld
High Bridge, NJ
Tech Category: Transportation
We provide real rideshare matching for everyone. CarpoolWorld also provides free, standard and premium private portals for employers, schools, clubs and universities. Our SAAS signup instantly creates a template for your organization that is customizeable with logo, matching preferences, office locations, points of interest on a map. When users sign up they can be restricted by corporate email address or by invitation only. We offer a transportaion emergency module for DRP.

change:WATER Labs
Cambridge, MA
Tech Category: Agriculture, Water, and Waste
change:WATER Labs is developing a toilet that can be deployed to every vulnerable household. We are developing a revolutionary evaporative ("self-flushing") toilet-a low-cost, compact, off-grid, portable solution that decouples household toilet access from sewerage infrastructure. Our evaporative toilet rapidly shrinks onsite sewage accumulations down to 5-10% of produced daily volumes. Sewage is 85-99% water. By cheaply, quickly eliminating that water, we eliminate 90% of the sewage problem.

Consilience Systems
Boston, MA
Tech Category: Information and Communications Technologies
With an ability to program a new asset class, we will leverage speculative greed to drive renewable growth through community-driven IoT infrastructure. The result will be a new kind of computer, empowering a new internet ecosystem across the NE. The standards we set will determine the fundamental protocol layer for the future of the U.S. economy.

Waltham, MA
Tech Category: Chemicals and Advanced Materials
We are improving the thermal performance of buildings with an additive called CoolFlux. By storing energy when heated and releasing that energy when cooled, CoolFlux automatically lowers the use of air conditioning by 50%. Competing products require substantial building modifications, are very expensive, or both. Our additive doesn’t change the look, feel or installation of materials that architects and contractors are already using, and is priced for a payback period of under five years.
Ecolectro, Inc.
Ithaca, NY
Tech Category: Chemicals and Advanced Materials
Ecolectro is a polymer company with an exciting new family of membranes and resins that are the strongest, most chemically durable and ionically conductive in their class. These polymers dramatically reduce the system costs of fuel cells and electrolyzers. Our team of top-tier scientists and experienced businesspeople are working to commercialize these unique polymers with strong IP protection, world-class facilities, and active customer outreach to major players in the space.
Electra Vehicles, Inc.
Boston, MA
Tech Category: Energy Distribution and Storage
The primary limiting factor of an electric vehicle’s performance is the power and energy capabilities of its energy storage by directly affecting its range, cost, power, and lifetime. Electra’s hybrid energy storage pack is a product of electrical engineering combined with chemistry: our system marries the high energy density of safe battery chemistries with the high power of ultracapacitors creating an efficient hybrid solution optimized for a vehicle’s performance and application.
Somerville, MA
Tech Category: Information and Communications Technologies
We're building enterprise software to simplify sales for local solar installers. We've spoken with installers across the country and they all agreed on one thing: they need better sales software.
Flipswitch replaces Excel, Docusign, and email in the sales process by providing a single interface for the entire relationship between homeowners and sales reps, including designs, proposals, contracts, and financing.

Cambridge, MA
Tech Category: Energy Generation
We are reinventing wind energy. Making it mobile, smaller and much cheaper than wind turbines. Our Gaia-W will be flying on the skies in coastal regions and islands in harmony with nature, while combining beauty with efficiency.

Cambridge, MA
Tech Category: Information and Communications Technologies
Joro provides real-time, automated, holistic carbon emissions tracking and tailored feedback to help citizens make energy-saving choices about everyday activities and purchases. The Joro platform enables users to compete and engage with friends and family, in order to earn rewards for environmentally conscious consumption, to save money, and to reduce their overall carbon footprints.

Medley Thermal
Cambridge, MA
Tech Category: Energy Distribution and Storage
Industrial heat users are overpaying for their energy. The U.S. has experienced a rapid expansion in wind power. This increasing wind capacity drives down the price of electricity when wind is available. Simply put, excess supply leads to low prices. Low prices hinder the deployment of new wind generation. Medley Thermal brings the hardware, software, and financial services to link industrial heat users to intermittently available, low-priced wind energy, benefitting industry and wind producers.

MIMiC Systems Inc.
New York, NY
Tech Category: Green Building
Two critical challenges still haunt air-conditioning systems: lack of efficient systems for upgrading existing residential buildings with minimal structural intervention, and ability to personalize thermal comfort. Uniquely, our approach focuses on providing thermal comfort ‘when and where needed’ instead of conditioning an entire space. The Modular Indoor Micro-Climate (MIMiC) system is a modular, solid-state air-conditioning unit that increases comfort without installation cost penalties.
Optimus Technologies
Pittsburgh, PA
Tech Category: Transportation
The Optimus system is the only EPA-certified biodiesel conversion system for commercial vehicles. The system is a bolt-on engine technology, does not require rebuilding, replacing, or significantly modifying existing engines, and is compatible with both old and new engines.
P2S Technologies
Framingham, MA
Tech Category: Information and Communications Technologies
Our innovation is building the first comprehensive and user-friendly, system for corrosion monitoring and detection in pipelines, integrating both hardware and software components. These hardware devices attach to existing wires inside each test point. When a survey device using Lync Reader software is in range, the hardware device broadcasts the calculated AC/DC output values to the reader. Those survey devices then use their internet connection to send the data to our servers. The cathodic protection data is captured and stored in digital form, making it very accessible for reporting and analysis.

Palmos Co
Cambridge, MA
Tech Category: Information and Communications Technologies
Palmos is building a wireless network of sensors that monitor and predict hydrological risks in urban environments such as landslides and flooding. Each sensor in the network is designed with a low-power wake-up mechanism to reduce battery consumption to extend each unit’s power lifecycle. The data from the sensors is pushed to the cloud where it is analyzed using classification machine learning algorithms. Potential landslides and floods are flagged and assigned a risk score.
Pecos Wind Power
Somerville, MA
Tech Category: Energy Generations
Pecos Wind Power is developing a small wind turbine that can produce electricity for nearly half the cost of the grid without the need for subsidies. Rated at 85kW, it can power up to 30 homes. It is designed specifically for distributed generation at low wind speed sites making it ideal for installation at schools, businesses, or commercial electricity customers in the USA. Our turbine is low-cost, practical, and designed to compete with fossil fuel and other forms of renewable energy.

POEM Technology
Huntington, NY
Tech Category: Energy Efficiency
Our mission is to save you money on any tank that needs filling or pumping.  If you are delivering liquids, you save money by making fewer deliveries.  If you are pumping out waste liquids, you save money by pumping fewer times.  We do this by monitoring the liquid levels in tanks and displaying these levels online on a secure, branded site.  Alarms trigger either deliveries or pumpouts, as the case may be.  We monitor tanks from 275 gallons to 15000 gallons with accurate patent-pending methods.
Proton New Energy Future, INC
Amesbury, MA
Tech Category: Energy Generation
Is it a window or is it a Proton module? This building, why is it transparent and when it touches the sun has a purple reflection? Yes, we are facing the new generation of clean energy, a nice generation for facades, a generation that works despite the fact that the day is cloudy or sunny, a generation in which fotonanobiotech energy is integrated with humanity, being something essential to strengthen sustainability, to favor the environment and help the humanity.

Quantitative Business Analytics, LLC
Wellesley, MA
Tech Category: Information and Communications Technologies
QBA BIGEnergy analytics provide near real-time intelligence on the operation of behind-the-meter and utility scale solar installations.   Energy companies use QBA BIGEnergy analytics to improve solar and net load forecast accuracy and operate a more reliable, integrated grid.  QBA has partnered with the solar community to form the QBA BIGEnergy Network, providing low latency access to critical data required to reduce the cost of integrating renewables into energy markets.

Boston, MA
Tech Category: Information and Communications Technologies
Energy Provider of the Future must stay ahead of residential consumer needs while keeping the operations' costs low. RENW delivers residential energy engagement of the future.
Resonant Energy
Boston, MA
Tech Category: Energy Generation
Solar PV projects come with many benefits, but these have gone mostly to high income communities and left low income communities in the dark. We envision a United States in which everyone has access to affordable solar energy. To address the capital cost barrier, we build solar arrays for homeowners without charging any upfront costs or sending them bills at any time. Our model has inspired community leaders to help drive adoption, which allows us to serve customers at that others cannot.
StorEn Technologies Inc.
Stony Brook, NY
Tech Category: Energy Distribution and Storage
StorEn Technologies Inc develops patent-pending evolutionary vanadium flow batteries (VFBs) for energy storage with industry-leading design and performance, such as +50% power density of the stack with a 25% reduction in cost of the batteries.
Our VFBs are conceived to target specific market applications, already economically viable without subsidies.  StorEn benefits from years of experience of its Technical Team in VFBs and Fuel Cells, thus will benefit from a short time-to-market (Q3 2018).

Swampscott, MA
Tech Category: Transportation
Our velomobile is an all weather last-mile and active lifestyle vehicle that distills the fun and useful things about bicycles and cars and leaves out the inconvenient and uncomfortable parts.  It has four wheels but leans into turns.  There's room for groceries or a kid but uses the bike line.  It's human powered but only as much as you want it to be.  This is how people will move through cities in the future.