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Sparkplug Power and Xively Partner Up to Improve Grid Management

Posted by Riddhi Samtani on

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Sparkplug Power, a 2016 Cleantech Open Northeast (CTONE) alumnus, recently announced a partnership with Xively, a local sponsor of CTONE. Sparkplug continues to advance while harnessing connections formed during the Cleantech Open accelerator program. 


Sean Becker of Sparkplug at 2016 Regional Finals. 

Sparkplug Power, founded by Sean Becker in 2009, seeks to improve the grid for municipal utilities and commercial power customers by deploying energy storage to grid edge (electricity infrastructure closest to the end-user) and managing customers’ peak power demand. Their aim is to provide low-cost, highly reliable and systemically efficient power by managing energy distribution and storage. Over the past year, Sparkplug has been working hard to expand the reach of their network, thanks largely to advice and assistance received from mentors and curriculum during the Cleantech Open accelerator. According to Becker, CTONE prepared their team for growth and development, they were able to evolve “from a bunch of guys with a crazy idea into an investor ready, polished company.”

Having successfully graduated from CTONE and working out of local incubator, Greentown Labs, Sparkplug is now looking to the future -- and to their recent partnership with Xively. What is next for Sparkplug and project development? “Leveraging our partnership with Xively,” says Becker. Sparkplug aims to acquire investors through an expanded network base and is preparing for the launch of a pilot. Their recent partnership with Xively can help them achieve those goals.

A division of LogMeIn, Xively provides the consulting services, platform, applications, and partners needed to help realize a business's full potential, harnessing connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). Xively has recently become more focused on the cleantech industry. They are developing an application center that improves energy management by allowing energy producers to streamline the process, combining products and services into an integrated system that also produces actionable data. As such, Xively’s sponsorship of Cleantech Open Northeast is particularly synergistic.

Tim Sprissler, Xively’s Senior Account Manager, was impressed with CTONE, particularly with the quality and potential of our startups, noting “it has been insightful to see how CTONE really helps startups with great ideas take off and make them real.” The “realness” of Sparkplug, their clear plan and ability to execute, were some of the many reasons Xively and Sparkplug were able to enter into a successful partnership.

This partnership with Xively has enabled Sparkplug to securely and robustly connect their products, manage data from those connections, and engage more closely with their customers, by creating an application that allows for better user-interface with the product. “Sparkplug is doing a great job building a robust application with us (Xively) that takes the data off of these devices and puts it in a place where consumers can actually learn from [it],” says Sprissler. “The environment we are helping Sparkplug create will educate the public on how they are helping the world to reduce their peak usage.”

The continued sponsorship of Cleantech Open Northeast will help Xively connect with more companies, something Sprissler says Xively is very excited for. “We want to empower startup companies like Sparkplug to build and broadcast what their devices are doing in the energy world effectively.”

We are excited to witness collaboration between members of our CTONE community and look forward to Sparkplug’s continued growth and Xively’s engagement with and support of the cleantech industry. 



  • By Riddhi Samtani on in Northeast

Updated on July 6, 2017 1:39 PM